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The Human Mind Is Intrinsically Magical!

~Valerie White, LCSW, M.Ed.

Meet Valerie 

Child and Family Therapist

Valerie White is the founder of Magical Minds, a therapy practice that believes in the intrinsic value in human beings and their ability to resiliently face each day. Valerie has provided mental health services for over 10 years within community mental health and schools in Los Angeles as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Valerie holds a Masters Degree in Social Work  and a Masters Degree in Education. She has provided assessment, diagnosis, and outpatient treatment to children and their families, targeting high risk children and teens using a variety of evidence based treatments.


Clinical Specialties



Disruptive Behavior

Grief and Loss



Social Skill Trainings

Juvenile Delinquency



Child in Air Yoga

Magic is believing in yourself.                 If you can do that,

you can make anything happen.

Magical Media!

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Magical Media

Experiential Training

Experiential Training

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Explore Diversity Through a

Mental Health Lens

Black lives not only matter, but are meant to be celebrated! There are so many questions about Black culture, experience, how to become an anti-racist, and how to make a meaningful change, but where should they be asked?! Where can these feeling and ideas be processed ? Here is the place! Valerie offers experiential small group trainings focused on a variety of topics such as privilege awareness, existing in a space where you are one of few Black people in your school or community, trauma informed thinking, and many more. Valerie is a creative mind who brings a colorful and inclusive energy to every space she enters. Contact her today to customize a training specific to your groups needs.

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If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call any of the following numbers for mental health support 24 hours/7 days a week.
LA County Department of Mental Health (800) 854- 7771 
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-TALK (8255) (24 hours)
In the event that you need immediate emergency assistance, please call 911.
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